Corporate Investigations & Legal Private Investigations

Corporate Investigations that deal with sensitive business matters need to be handled by experienced professionals. The team here at Belso Investigations provide professional assistance when it comes to Corporate Investigations for businesses and Legal Private investigations.

If you’re a business concerned about theft or fraud, and need assistance with surveillance, background checks or drug testing, we can help.

Belso can also help you deal with document services and computer forensics as an employer, or even theft and fraud investigations as an employee. Legal Private investigations, on the other hand, are focused more toward legal firms, locating and interviewing witnesses, obtaining statements, and reviewing files.

To learn more about these streams of investigation, see further details below.

Corporate and Business Investigation Services

Belso offers corporate clients comprehensive assistance in gathering evidence to safeguard business interests. We understand how important it is to be aware of privacy breaches regarding clients, and can investigate while keeping your corporate assets, information, and relationships safe.

The Belso team of internal investigators can uncover the truth of your situation, and advise you on how best to proceed from there, no matter what you’re dealing with. Our professional investigators can help you look into drug, theft, or misconduct cases, while maintaining discretion.

If you need help with white collar crime in your workplace, Belso’s surveillance services can help you manage your situation legally and professionally.

legal private investigaton

Legal Private Investigation

The team here at Belso does extensive work with lawyers. Obtaining evidence, talking to witnesses, and delivering paperwork are all well within our sphere of experience too.

Belso Investigations has an extensive background in the legal sector – we can find the facts quickly and efficiently. Our knowledge of New Zealand law is thorough and reliable, and we are licensed by the NZ Ministry of Justice.  Whether it’s criminal or civil, Belso can help.

Other services Belso can assist with are:

  • Scene examinations
  • handling exhibits
  • interviewing witnesses including those in prison
  • locating persons of interest
  • reviewing files
  • obtaining & analysing CCTV footage
  • in-depth research

A private investigator will view your case from a different perspective. That new perspective can provide valuable insight and information. Our knowledge of the law and court proceedings is invaluable when gathering evidence and building a case.

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