Missing Persons Investigations

Looking for lost family, friends, or a debtor? Missing persons cases are some of the most common we deal with here at Belso Investigations.

Looking for a long-lost love, an absent parent, or debtor? Missing persons cases are some of the most common we deal with here at Belso Investigations, and each and every one is unique.

Whether you’re looking for key witnesses to a legal case, an old friend, a runaway child, or kidnapping victim, our skills and professional networks are here to help you.

Depending on how much information you have, and how long they have been gone, locating missing persons can be much faster than some might think. In many cases, contacting us and making use of our networks, contacts, and databases will help you find the person in question faster than you’d expect.

Other cases can be much more challenging – when a missing persons case isn’t a simple database job, it can take significantly more effort to find them. This is especially true if a party is involved who wishes to stay hidden.

How do Missing Persons Investigations work?

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You may find yourself in a situation where you need to ask how to find a missing person in New Zealand, and you’re not alone. In fact, every year, the New Zealand police force receives around 8000 missing persons reports. Many of these are found within two weeks, and the police maintain that there are around 350 people in the country who have been missing longer than a year.

The major issue with these statistics is that they only take into account the cases which have been formally and officially entered into police records as missing persons cases, and there may be cases in which a missing person doesn’t meet the official criteria to be classed as such.

The police do great work, but their success rates are so high because they largely deal with cases that are false alarms – that is, the missing person returns of their own accord. This is one reason why many people end up transferring their missing persons cases to private agencies. Not to mention that the police will obviously be unable to help you if you are looking for a lost companion or relative from many years ago, as they have more pressing cases to attend to.

If you’re needing more expert, dedicated help, the team here at Belso Investigations are more than willing to assist. Once you file a missing persons report and contact the team here at Belso, we will be able to help you via a number of specialised techniques. These include leveraging networks that include other investigators, physical searches by land, sea or air, surveillance or covert camera work, searching public facilities such as hospitals or mortuaries, canvassing witnesses, running background checks, perusing public records, combing through phone records, and more.

Do you need to find a missing person?

You may feel like your missing persons case is hopeless, but trust us when we say it’s never too late. Contact Belso Investigations today if you need help finding:

  • Long lost friends or family
  • Fugitive debtors
  • Missing witnesses in legal cases
  • Cold case missing persons
  • Runaways
  • Missing minors
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For peace of mind, a professional Belso missing persons investigator has the skills and equipment to help you find the person you’re looking for…