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If you are looking for professional security services you can depend on, contact us at Belso Investigations. Our team of security professionals will deliver the highest standards of service and won’t let you down.

We will customise our security services according to your needs and requirements to ensure you have the protection you need.

You’re in safe hands when you choose Belso Investigations.

Our Security Services

Static guarding / Security Guards

This is a service where our guardsman man an access point. They are guarding your personal equipment and valuables to prevent loss. This is a service that provides security guards on-site and standing at Access points or points of interest.

Access control

This is where we control access to a facility or area to ensure that only authorized personnel, vehicles, or materials are allowed to enter or move within or leave a facility.

Control room surveillance and alarm monitoring

This includes CCTV monitoring where a large physical facility or home can be monitored and controlled by security staff. This can be a 24-hour service, or whatever the monitoring requirements are.

Retail security

The process where our security guards stand guard on a retail shop to help prevent theft or harm.

Construction site security

This is a vital service to have security staff stand guard at access points, to walk perimeters of a construction site, or to monitor cameras on a construction site. These will help deter intruders, prevent theft, and detect vandalism or wilful damage. Security officers will also help protect companies’ health and safety issues by stopping unauthorised entry and making sure all people entering are wearing the correct safety equipment.

Film and television set and studio security

Providing security to keep filming environments a safe space for the many people involved. To protect the cast and crew and equipment 24 hours a day 7 days a week. On sites, security guards will oversee the access of all personnel arriving on set to keep up with the privacy of the production.

Concierge and customer service

Our well-presented staff will be ready and prepared to greet all visitors and personnel arriving at your building entrance. Our staff will be trained in the basic knowledge of your building so they can direct people in the right direction with a professional yet friendly approach.

Our Team

The professionals on our team who will deliver your security services are all skilled and experienced. The safety of your staff, production, business, or belongings is our motivation. We supply the best staff to fulfill your needs.

In addition, our staff are reliable, discreet, and confident, all of which are qualities that are essential in security professionals.

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