Surveillance Services

When it comes to surveillance services, Belso’s Private Investigators have the skills and experience to excel in both covert and overt surveillance operations.

When it comes to tracking vehicles, or general monitoring and surveillance, Belso is here to help.

Our dedicated Private Investigators have the background skills and experience to excel in both covert and overt surveillance operations. With extensive history carrying out stings for the New Zealand police force, the Belso team has a reliable understanding of precise gathering of intel and subtle investigation.

What do surveillance services entail?

Surveillance is the specialised craft of following and observing a target. It may sound easy, but it’s a highly specialised line of work, for a number of reasons. First of all, surveillance is a tool with many applications, and is often going to be the best course of action for a variety of problems. The target could be an individual, a group, a vehicle, or any other non-human asset. Being able to adjust for the wide range of potential targets is a key cornerstone of the art.

In the vast majority of surveillance cases, it’s essential to the client for the target to be unaware that they’re under surveillance. This is the second major cornerstone of successful surveillance, and Belso Investigations is able to fully ensure confidentiality, caution, and prudence.


How can the Belso Investigations team help you?

Surveillance services bring you more than reliable information – they also give you the peace of mind you need to effectively deal with the situation at hand. No matter what your ultimate goals are, our operatives can help you get there. Our surveillance services are flexible, and we can put together a plan to best approach your situation, as it may call for pedestrian work, vehicle-based work, or even multi-vehicle surveillance.

Do you need surveillance services?

Surveillance is a common element as part of many private investigation services, including corporate and commercial investigations, insurance fraud investigations and spousal infidelity investigations. You may also need surveillance services for GPS tracking of equipment, property or vehicles, installation and/or maintenance of covert camera systems, and more.

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