Why Hire A Private Investigator

Why Hire a Private Investigator?

The reasons for hiring a private investigator differ depending on who you are and the issue you want help resolving. So, we’ll answer the question of why to hire a private investigator from three common perspectives:

  • Legal firm
  • Business
  • Individual

Why Hire a Private Investigator if You Are a Legal Firm?

As a legal firm, you may have heard details of private investigators helping other lawyers and firms with various cases.

What benefits can a private investigator offer you, and is it worth hiring one for the case or cases you are working on?

Private investigators bring a different skill set that complements the skill set and knowledge of you and your legal team. This includes witness interviewing, scene examinations, handling exhibits, locating persons of interest, research skills, etc.

Other skills include the ability to talk to all types of people and extract key information. As a result, private investigators can often pick up pieces of information not immediately available to lawyers working on the case.

Plus, a private investigator will view your case from a different perspective. That new perspective can provide valuable insight and information.

Legal Knowledge

Belso Investigations has an extensive background in Policing, particularly in the field of serious criminal investigations. Our knowledge of the law and court proceedings is invaluable when gathering evidence and building a case.

Of course, a key element of a private investigator’s business is confidentiality, something which is also important when preparing legal cases.

The Capabilities, Knowledge, and Experience that Private Investigators Can Offer

  • Surveillance operations
  • Obtaining CCTV footage
  • Data recovery
  • Carrying out fraud investigations
  • Locating witnesses
  • Interviewing witnesses including witnesses in prison
  • Reviewing files
  • Scene examinations
  • Process serving anywhere in the country
  • And more

The Private Investigator Your Legal Firm Can Rely On

Belso Investigations can provide the assistance you need with your case, so let us work alongside you to ensure the best possible service for your client.

Our experience means we will be able to quickly obtain the facts that are required to get the result you want. During the process, we’ll work diligently, plus we’re perfectionists. This helps us find the missing information that your case needs to deliver a successful outcome.

To find out more about how a private investigator can help with the specific case you are working on, get in touch with us by calling +64 (0)274 829 544.

Why Hire a Private Investigator for Your Business?

There are a number of situations where hiring a private investigator is the best solution for a situation or problem you need to be resolved in your business.

One of the most common is theft as well as white-collar crime, e.g. fraud. By hiring a private investigator to look into the issue, you’ll get the facts and information you need faster than through other methods, such as investigating the issue internally or involving statutory authorities like the police.

A private investigator can also help you with a range of different HR situations. As you know, HR law is very complex. Having the right information and knowing the facts is essential.

A private investigator can get you the information you need, but crucially, they can do so discreetly and with total confidentiality. This discretion can help to protect the reputation of your business, reduce risk, and save you money

Speak to a Member of Our Team Today?

At Belso Investigations, we’ll be on your side, helping you get the facts and the information you need quickly and accurately. To speak to a member of our team about the problem you need help resolving, please call us on +64 (0)274 829 544.

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Why Hire a Private Investigator for a Personal Issue?

For individuals, private investigators can help solve sensitive issues and complicated problems that are very difficult to resolve through other means

This is because private investigators have professional expertise in addition to knowledge, tools, and resources that may not be immediately available to you unless you hire a private investigator.

The personal situations and problems that private investigators can help with include:

  • Marital and relationship issues
  • Finding missing persons
  • Identity theft
  • Family court issues
  • Asset searches

Once you have the information provided by a private investigator, you can make an informed decision on what you should do next. A private investigator can also put your mind at ease.

Speak to a Private Investigator in Confidence?

One of the main benefits of using a private investigator is the fact that discretion is guaranteed. A conversation with a member of our team will ensure you understand what we can do, what we can’t do, and what you can expect from our services.

We’ve got the expertise you are looking for, so contact us today on +64 (0)274 829 544.

To find out more about how a private investigator can help with the specific case you are working on, get in touch with us by calling +64 (0)274 829 544.

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